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Max M Company in brief

Max M Company is an international company which specializes in the sphere of marketing, advertising, eventing with using of new interactive technologies.

Our products and services first of all are aimed at enhancement of overall performance for shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, theaters, exhibition and concert halls, private residences, children’s entertainment complexes, but can be used everywhere for the decision of the appropriate tasks.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the most advanced interactive technoligies in the field of advertising, promotion and entertainment.

Meet the team

A team of professionals with broad expertise in every sphere of activities Max M Company.

Natalia Moskaleva

Managing partner,

Account director

(Cyprus, Russia)

Works in the field of marketing and advertising since 1995.

She graduated Moscow State University (economics department), Central London College (marketing).

Natalia have developed and realized more than 50 business and marketing concepts for the leading Russian and European companies in segments such as the residential real estate, hotel business, the commercial real estate, luxury goods.

Irina Borisevich

Managing partner,

Marketing director


Works in the field of marketing and advertising since 2000.

She graduated from the Samara State Aerospace University (faculty of system engineering), The Open University Business School (MBA).

Irina specializes in the field of digital marketing using interactive and online technologies. During the work she has conducted over 100 studies evaluating the effectiveness of online and offline advertising campaigns, customer satisfaction.

Technical Director

Igor Kiselev

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

(Russia, Cyprus)

Igor Kiselev has more than 20 years of experience as a BC, Cinema and A/V System Integration projects, sales, and installation into the fields of the film industry, computer and multimedia technologies. He is international expert in implementation of projects with using of 3D technologies.

He took part in more than 200th projects in Russia, the CIS, France and Eastern Europe. He has experience in companies such as: IBM Corporation, Computerland Corp., Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe, Cine Project GmbH.

He is a Doctor of Science. He is the author of 25 inventions and Patents in the field of modern technologies. He is a Member of BKSTS (British Cinema Sound and Television Society) and a Member of the Russian HD Union.

Maxim Moskalev

Managing partner,

Creative director


Maxim works in the field of event and cinema industry since 2012.

He graduated from the Russian Theatrical Academy and New York Film Academy (producing of projects).

The Advantages of Cooperation

Max M Company experts develop for you marketing and advertising concepts for promotion your products and services using interactive and multi-touch showsaces HYPEBOX, multi-touch digital displays and information kiosks, touch-LED walls, 3D-video mapping projected on various surfaces (walls, floors, ceilings), holographic structures, virtual images (AR, VR).

At the moment we operate on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cyprus.

  • The latest technologies in promotion of goods and services

  • The really best prices

  • Extensive experience in minimizing project risks

  • International experience

  • The professional team

  • The future starts today: meet interactive technologies in advertising!


We are proud of our partners.
They work together with us to offer you the best.