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Interactive Technologies

Digital technologies are changing the world! And they do it every day!
Do not waste time and join in this torrent today!

Max M Company offers you to take full advantages of interactive products which we provide. With their help, you will be able to significantly expand your marketing and promotional customer communication.


The list of interactive technologies, each of which will be maximally adapted to your needs.

HYPEBOX this innovation in advertising, which will provide you a WOW-reaction from consumers!

HYPEBOX offers you 3 features in one solution:

  1. The ability to effectively present the benefits of your goods directly to the buyer – for this HYPEBOX equipped with high quality transparent LCD monitor, capable of playing any digital content in Full-HD resolution.
  2. The opportunity to interact with potential buyers through digital content and mobile devices – for this HYPEBOX equipped with interactive screen and relevant software.
  3. The opportunity to demonstrate your real goods even there, where before it was impossible – for this HYPEBOX is equipped with a protection system

Take your unique place in the minds of buyers – take advantage of HYPEBOX! (see more)

Direct interaction is the best way to inform the customer about the product and service.

But so far it has been quite problematic. Now with the help of technologies providing interactivity this becomes possible! You simply place the information where it is most required by potential customers.

Max M Company works with a wide range of interactive products. So we can offer the best solution to your tasks, and also we can create complex solutions that when used together are able to achieve synergy.(read more).

The advantages of the technology of 3D Mapping is that it allows almost any creative idea can transform them into audio and visual presentation.

At the same time projects using 3D Mapping cost-saving, because the technology works for “naked eye”, i.e. does not require any devices to see three-dimensional picture. The effect of volume is achieved through the use of geometry and location of an object in space.

We offer as Ready-made (“turnkey”) projects 3D-mapping (read more) and projects that can be designed individually according to the special scenario for the Customer, taking into account the directions of its activity. You can use our program Max M Designer (read more) .

On the basis of the technologies we are ready to develop technological solutions that will best meet your goals.

For this we have employees who have broad expertise in the field of marketing, advertising, digital and interactive technologies, software development and implementation projects with the use of interactive technologies, as well as partners who have highly specialized knowledge and experience in the development and production of equipment for the creation and implementation of solutions based on interactive technologies.

Stages of Implementation

We create the project idea

At the beginning we outline options for the creative idea of a campaign then we choose the best one and create the concept and budget of a project.

We create the design project

At this stage we are elaborating in detail the concept of the project, refine the original specifications, make all necessary measurements on site.

We select equipment

Further we work out design drawings and schemes of elements positioning. We select hardware and software with nesessary characteristics.

We supply and install

We supply the necessary equipment and components to “turnkey” and make installation and startup of the system on how on site as well as distantly.

We train your staff

We can train your staff the minimal skills to operate with hard- and soft- ware which will allow you to ensure the continuous and correct work for a long time.

Provide technical support

We provide technical support for your project within 1 year after its launch on the system of subscription service, but this period may be extended.


Interactive products and services allow you to create a new reality in sales.


Using the Max M Company’s proposed solutions you can:

  • To expand your everyday marketing and advertising tools in the current business.

  • Be remembered by your customers.
  • To increase the frequency of communication with the target audience in which you are interested.


However, using the same technology, you can implement an exciting new projects, for example, to establish a new format restaurant with video projection menu, to open the gallery with “living paintings” or to create a theatrical project with the virtual artists and musicians. You can transform existing standards in commercial, residential and hotel property industries by creating facilities equipped with interactive walls, ceilings and touch-screen showcases. All of these help you leverage your business capability. read more…


We are proud of our partners.
They work together with us to offer you the best.