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The Technology of 3D Mapping

3D Mapping is a new modern form of advertising and marketing which creates WOW-effect. In fact, this is a kind of modern art that allows almost any creative idea to be transformed into audio and visual presentation.

Projects using the technology of 3D Mapping leave a vivid impression and work for “the naked eye”, ie do not require any devices to see three-dimensional image.

3D Mapping is a new trend in audio – visual technologies, which is a 3D projection on the object. The volume effect is achieved through the use of geometry and location of an object in space. the object Itself can be placed both inside and outside the premises. The use of specialized software and projectors allows two or three-dimensional object to be “processed spatial” and submerge it in a real environment.

In contrast to the use of 3D technology in the film industry and computer games, 3D Mapping does not require additional costs for installation of screens as well as additional devices for the audience (special glasses, helmets). The advantage of this technology is that it will allow to realize any of your ideas to impress the audience and, at the same time, to save your budget.


Our company offers ready-made (turnkey) 3D mapping projects (see cases) and projects that can be designed individually according to the special scenario for the Customer, taking into account the directions of its activity. To do this you can use our program Max M Designer.

Software Max M Designer multi-functional and can be used in various sectors of the economy where, depending on solved tasks, it is used in different situations to achieve completely different results. Here are some examples:

  • Entertainment – restaurants, cafes, Banquet halls, night clubs, hotels to create – apply to create a unique memorable atmosphere
  • Trade – shopping malls, boutiques, shops class “Luxary” – to attract the attention of buyers
  • Services – SPA – salons and resorts, beauty salons, hairdressers, health centres, yoga and meditation centers, etc. – to create a relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to “disconnect from reality” and mentally relax
  • Schools and other educational institutions – for educational and entertainment purposes
  • For private customers – for memorable wedding parties and celebrations of birthdays and all manner of private events and banquets

To play content made by technology of 3D Mappingit is enough to have a special video projector, laptop and software Max M Designer.

The program allows you set the projection under the geometry of the objects on your own.It includes a database of video effects (over 500 pieces) of different subjects. You can also adapt the content to suit your needs – the program allows you to embed your own images, videos, labels.

With the software Max M Designer and the professional advice of our experts you will be able to give the room a new design, to make exclusive design the interior of shopping Mall, hotel or restaurant, to make any event or family celebration unforgettable.


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