Augmented reality (AR)

AR (Augmented reality) is a new way of perceiving reality, which is supplemented by new elements with the help of a computer. These elements are embedded in the real field of perception, enriching it with new information.

Max M Company offers a new product for children using AR technology – Children’s Books with Augmented Reality. We are pleased to provide our customers with the brightest and most creative production from DEVAR that will give every child an unforgettable experience and will provide a fascinating pastime.


Children’s books with AR effect from the DEVAR company is a wonderful new technology, with which you can create, animate and move into the reality of the characters in the books..

These books will help the child to develop imagination, outlook and creativity, to instill a love of reading books. To achieve this allows a special gaming space, which is created using AR technology – augmented reality. In it, the learning process turns from a dull routine into an exciting game. Here every child will be able to develop their talents and abilities, learn a lot! 

DEVAR products are designed for entertainment and education of children from 2 years old, so it is interesting:

  • hotels, for the organization of children’s clubs
  • children centers, for the organization of new activities
  • schools, for organisation activities in after school club and summer camps for pupils
  • restaurants, for the organization of children’s play areas

Offer new entertainment for your young visitors! With fascinating coloring books and educational encyclopedias with AR-augmented reality, time for children will fly by fast. They will get new knowledge and skills, and you will get little loyal customers who will be grateful for your interesting leisure.

Books and games for children with AR effects will be interesting as well for:

  • bookstore
  • children’s goods shops

They will help you to expand your range of new modern products, as well as to please young customers who like to play with gadgets. Parents will also be easier to captivate their fidgets reading books, because now thay can play with them. Under a cover they will find a plenty of games, real quests and a whole sea of educational content. And all this in the company of your favorite cartoon characters, anime and movies. Your customers will have a new reason to visit your shop again and again to check if there is a novelties.


Max M Company invites to cooperation all companies and individuals interested in the sale of products of DEVAR in Cyprus territory.

For all questions relating to the range and functionality of printed products DEVAR namely books, colorings and encyclopedias with AR-effect, as well as on wholesale and retail purchase, you can:

  • send your request to e-mail: info@maxmcompany.com
  • contact us by phone: +357 24 03 03 42. 


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