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We Introduce HYPEBOX

HYPEBOX – showcases of new generation with digital content on a transparent LCD screen and the ability to interact with customers!

How does it work? This video tells.

We present a new innovative product for the advertising markets of goods and services.

HYPEBOX is an integrated solution, thanks to using the transparent LCD screen of the showcase, the buyer can see at the same time real goods in the showcase, while digital content is demonstrated at the screen which a seller is interested to present.

The solution also provides a possibility for interaction between buyers and HYPEBOX showcases. It is provided by inclusion multitouch-screen functionality in a complete set of showcase and by means of digital content which is included for interaction with mobile devices (where it was supposed).

Advertise effectively!

According to customers’ evaluation the use of HYPEBOX showcases allows you to receive an additional 30% of new buyers.

Advantages of HYPEBOX showcase

Technologies of the highest quality


The HYPEBOX case is made from ultra light-weight aluminum which can be powder-coated in any RAL color. It allows to include a showcase to almost any interior organically.

All elements of control system, power electronic devices necessary for operation of the monitor and touch-screen panel, and also lighting fixtures are installed to the aluminum body of HYPEBOX and meet the latest safety standards.

The system of lighting inside of a HYPEBOX box is integrated into a ceiling and is developed individually for each size of the case to provide optimum illumination in a showcase in order to make it bright and smooth at the same time. It allows reaching unprecedented transparency of the HYPEBOX screen.


It supports 10 touch points simultaneously.
Can be control by gestures.

Full HD resolution is available practically in all HYPEBOX showcases models.
High rate of transparency of the screen — 85% together with digital content leave bright impression about goods.

Magnificent rich colors.
Powerful black pixels.
The accurate and sharp image on the screen.

The reliable metal body, rounded edges of the shell, mat colourful covering, antiglare glass 4 mm thick, give HYPEBOX an elegant look.


We are proud of our partners.
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