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Project Description

The project “3D cinema”


This ready-made project is perfectly suitable for small formats of commercial and residential premises.

3D cinemas for commercial and residential premises already part of our daily life. Today you are able to take in the sights of the film without leaving the house. As well as to hold a presentation in 3D, for example, a new brand of car or property in the sales office without going to a demonstration area.

But you can count on a good result from the home session, or 3D presentations in the office only if you use high-quality equipment and competent installation of equipment with all the nuances and details of the room. Our specialists can optimum time to develop the concept, to choose the necessary equipment, to make the installation and run the project, with the inclusion of 3D cinema: for private residences, yachts, home, office, shopping, entertainment or exhibition centre.

We calculated the cost of the project for the organization of 3D cinema for 6-10 visitors as an example.


Key indicators Quantity
The minimum area of the room 25-30 sqm
The number of seats 6-8-10 people
Configuration of the room preferably rectangular, square shape
Requirements for lighting and insulation

The room where video will be played live should have low light level and high level of sound insulation. It is necessary to obtain image and sound high quality. Therefore, for each project, these requirements are determined individually and are described in the technical specification to the project.

Demonstration equipment

For playing 3D videos you will require:

Video projectors with special lenses – 2 pieces, video processor for processing 3D images, 3D glasses (10 PCs.)
screen, sound system, a set of filters for projectors, multimedia video player, special suspension bracket for the projector.

The Implementation Schedule

0 days
The elaboration of the project for the customer
0 days
Necessary equipment supply
0 days
Installation of equipment
0 days
Training of client’s staff
0 days
Preparation video with the company logo
*- from 25 days depending on the individual characteristics of the project completion, the hosting region.

The Outcome of the Project

  • 3D-cinema
  • 3D-cinema
  • Conference-hall-3D