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Ready-made Solutions

You can use ready-made solutions, built on technologies and software used by experts Max M Company to launch a new area in your business, strengthen existing business through increase variety of your products and services or to create an entirely new business with its unique “face”.


Project “3D cinema”

This ready-made project is perfectly suitable for small formats of commercial and residential premises. Today you are able to take in the sights of the film without leaving the house. As well as to hold a presentation in 3D, for example, a new brand of car or property in the sales office without going to a demonstration area. We calculated the cost of the project for the organization of 3D cinema for 6-10 visitors as an example.

Technology: 3D cinema
Implementation period: 70-90 days.
Budget: 18 000 €


3D-project “Modern Art – Gallery”

This solution is perfect for small exhibitions and art galleries. The concept of the project is animated pictures. Visitors of such type gallery can watch how the cartoon characters - the monkey and the brave Aviator – come alive and move from one picture to another. Wonderful presentation and memorable entertainment for adults and children.

Technology: 3D mapping
Implementation period: 45-60 days.
Budget: 32 000 €


3D-project “Meat Restaurant”

The project uses the technology of projecting images onto the surface of the table. It is a special case of application 3D-mapping technology. The picture is projected separately for each guest at the table. As a result, a visitor sees the picture so that takes it three-dimensional. This creates the illusion that all the little chef does while preparing steak is real.

Technology: 3D mapping
Implementation period: 45-60 days.
Budget: 40 000 €


3D-progect “Ice – cream cafe”

This project is made using the technology of 3D mapping. Based on it a specially animated video telling a humorous story about cooking of a portion of ice-cream by a little tiny chief is created. Visitors who are watching this video will be located in the illusion that all the action takes place in reality. No doubt, young viewers will be ecstatic.

Technology: 3D mapping
Implementation period: 45-60 days.
Budget: 40 000 €


3D-проект “Рыбный ресторан”

В этом проекте посетителям ресторана демонстрируется специально подготовленный анимационный 3D ролик, в котором маленький повар готовит рыбный суп. Пока гости ожидают свой заказ, анимация погружает их в полный приключений процесс приготовления блюда. Такое развлечение превращает скучное ожидание в незабываемые впечатления и делает вкус блюда ярче.

Технология: 3D mapping
Срок исполнения: 45-60 дн.
Бюджет: 40 000 €


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